Okawa Waterfall, Kagoshima, Japan

Address -: Okawa Waterfall, Yakushima, Kumage, Kagoshima, Japan

Waterfall of 88m to run in cliff in laurel forest which is the largest in waterfall of Yakushima which is number, and was formed with the west, sedimentary rock of island. There is much quantity of water, and width is wide, too. "100 selections of Japanese waterfalls." "go" called river, river "ko" in Yakushima and came to be called waterfall of Okawa (we put) because it was in the down stream of Okawa (river). Yakushima becomes stage of novel "transience" of Fumiko Hayashi, and there is much rain, and waterfall is powerful, but when it is for (from June to July) at time in the rainy season, we add to quantity of water still more, and it is daring, and it runs through the year so that it is expressed in that saying "it rains for 35 days in January".
Take a Yakushima Kotsu bus headed in the Okonotaki direction and get off at the final stop. If you wish to use a car, you can drive to the falls in about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Miyanoura Port. 

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