Mist Falls ,California, USA

Address -: Mist Falls ,Kings Canyon National Park ,Cedar Grove, California ,USA

Mist Falls drops 100 feet over a steep, rocky, granite incline.The final section of the path to Mist Falls stays close to the river, is less shaded by trees, and crosses ground that is steeper and more rocky. The river flows across various other small cascades and rapids, between which are deep, clear pools that look inviting but swimming is not advisable due to the fast current and cold water.

Start at Roads' End. The wide, sandy Kanawyer Loop Trail is flat for the first three miles. The pine forest that it passes through is, at first, so open that the trail is fully exposed to the sun, offering views of the high canyon walls rising on either side. After the first mile and a half, the trail enters denser pine forest and begins to undulate up and down slightly.
At the first trail junction, which is about two miles from Roads' End, take the trail to your left. This trail is narrower but after a brief climb it remains more or less level, running through pine forest alongside a roaring river.
At mile 3 the trail begins to climb along some dramatic cascades in the boulder-strewn river, reaching Mist Falls at mile 4.5. The falls are quite impressive: the river rushes down a steep, smooth granite slope before pouring over a precipice. The roiling water does in fact produce a lot of mist.

Best time to visit -: May -Nov.

Location -: