Minnehaha Falls ,Minnesota, USA

Address -: Minnehaha Falls ,Minnehaha Park ,Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Minnehaha Falls is located located in Minneapolis Minnesota. The falls is in Minnehaha Park, a large city park.
The beautiful stream and its spectacular falls that plunges 53 feet into a gorge before running out to the Mississippi River. Trails lead in all directions, including down the gorge to favorite river shorelines.
There is a bridge just above the falls, and trails that go down into the gorge on both sides, and another bridge below the falls. The trails continue along the creek. You can follow the trail all the way to the Mississipi, which is less than 1/2 mile away from the falls.
There are viewing areas on both sides of the gorge and at the bottom of the gorge. There are warning signs and small fences to deter you from getting closer to the falls, but it is obvious that many people do. From the look of it you could get behind the falls.
Minnehaha Park is conveniently on the Light Rail, which means it is easy to access from both the Mall of America area and Downtown Minneapolis even if you don’t have a car.
If you do have a car, parking is not free (Minneapolis charges for parking at almost every park in their system) but it is a quick trip from Downtown.
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