Maruia Falls ,West Coast, New Zealand

Address -: Maruia Falls ,Buller District, West Coast, New Zealand

Earthquakes have created some New Zealand waterfalls, often through the upthrust of rock along a fault. The Murchison earthquake of 1929 produced the Maruia Falls through a different process. This diverted the course of the Maruia River further west, forcing it to cut a new channel over an old river bank. Once the river had eroded the gravels, the bank became the Maruia Falls. After Earthquakes the falls were only about a metre high, but after a year, the drop was 5 metres. In the early 2000s it was 10 metres, as shown here.
Maruia Falls is roughly a 2-hours' drive away from either Greymouth or Hanmer Springs. The road surface is always sealed.
From Hanmer Springs head west on the SH7, then turn right into the SH65 and follow it for the next 60km until you see a sign 'Maruia Falls'. Turn left onto the official parking, which offers you a beautiful walk as well as a nice picnic area with toilets.
An easy walking 5-minutes' return walk leads you to the waterfall's upper lookout platform, then to the waterfall's base. The track is a wheelchair-friendly walk.

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