Lula Falls ,Georgia, USA

Address -: Lula Falls ,Lula Lake Road, Lookout Mountain ,Georgia, USA

Lula Falls is 120 foot freefall waterfall. It is located near lula lake in Lookout mountain ,Georgia ,USA .This fall is in privately owned property of Lula lake land trust. Lula Lake Land Trust is a privately owned property in Northwest Georgia dedicated to preserving the Rock Creek watershed since 1994. It is home to over eight miles of trails filled with waterfalls, overlooks, and beautiful hardwood forests. This popular hike follows the Middle Trail, Ford Trail, and North Creek Trail, crossing a tall wooden bridge, exploring scenic stretches along Rock Creek, and visiting two tumbling waterfalls at Lula Lake and Lula Falls.
Lula Lake is only 30 minutes from Chattanooga on the eastern edge of Lookout Mountain. Although access to the property is free, donations are accepted for maintenance. 
For more information on Lula Lake Land Trust and a schedule of open gate days and events visit the Land Trust's website, which includes a trail map.
This hike leaves from the first parking area closest to the check-in area (view maps and driving directions), and follows above and along Rock Creek until it reaches Lula Falls. The hike begins southbound, crossing a stone and wooden bridge across Rock Creek and beginning the northeast-bound climb up the Middle Trail.
The hike is moderately steep for the first 0.2 mile, and then it flattens out as it explores a hardwood forest above the creek. Hemlocks, poplars, and pines line the trail. At .6 mile, the Middle Trail intersects with the Ford Trail. The Ford Trail descends towards the creek as the Middle Trail continues to rise the valley. While both routes offer roughly the same distance to the enormous waterfall, the Ford Trail connects to the North Creek Trail, which runs along some scenic sections of the river and also visits the falls at Lula Lake.
Recent Open Gate Days have drawn over 1,000 people to this area, so plan ahead and carpool if possible. Park only in designated areas. There is a composting privy, but there is no running water or other amenities, so be sure to bring a bottle of water and perhaps a snack.
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