Laukelandsfossen Waterfall ,Gaular, Norway

Address -: Laukelandsfossen ,Gaular, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway

Laukelandsfossen is a big waterfall in a scenic setting at the Dalsfjorden, near Dale (Gaular), in the region Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.
There are several viewpoints to Laukelandsfossen by Dalsfjorden. You can see the waterfall from the bridge Dalsfjordbrua. There is a parking lot on the north side of the bridge where you can enjoy the view of the waterfall. From here you can do several hikes in the area Fossedalen. The hiking trails runs along the fjord with a great view to the waterfall a long the way.
By boat or kayak you can get close to Laukelandsfossen. If you feel like taking a bath there is a natural pool by the waterfall.
Driving on road Rv57 from Forde to Dale you can see Laukelandsfossen from a far distance. It is hard to believe the waterfall had only a single drop of 135 meter. Maybe it looks so impressive because it also can be a very wide waterfall, at its top it can be  a 100 meter wide.

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