Lamo Jharana Waterfall ,Narayani, Nepal

Address -: Lamo Jharana Waterfall ,Narayanghat-Mugling Highway , Chandi Bhanjyang, Narayani, Nepal

 This is about 60 meter tall and when the water form the top strikes to the rock, it seems to be like water from the heaven .These place is full of natural beauties and a very attractive place for tourism.
After a 20 minutes or a kilometer walk from Jalbire Temple situated on Muglin-Narayangarh Highway, you will reach Chandi Vhanjhyang ward no-9 where you'll find Lamo Jharna (waterfall). Filled with flat grasslands one of the boons to Chitwan is this fall. 
From Kathmandu take bus or a taxi which will pass through Prithvi Hwy. and when it reach to Nibhare it takes left turn towards Narayanghat-Mugling Highway. After 7 km from Nibhare (that turn) you will find way to Reach Lamo Jharana Waterfall.

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