Kasnyku Falls ,Alaska, USA

Address -: Kasnyku Falls ,Sitka County, Alaska, USA

Kasnyku Falls can be seen plunging into Waterfall Cove along the east shore of Baranof Island. The falls drain from Kasnyku Lake and drop somewhere between 400 and 450 feet into the ocean cove in the form of a booming horsetail style fall. The only access to this waterfall is via watercraft.
Best way to reach the fall is cruise.This falls is Marvel at the grand scenery of Alaska's wilderness as the crew expertly guides you through those "not in the guidebook" places known only to the locals Whole day and In the evening, perhaps tucking away in a waterfall-laced fjord, there'll be time for skiffing, beachcombing or treks ashore, and kayaking to look for sea otters and bears before calling it a day near Baranof Island.

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