Karap Agan Falls ,Matalom ,Philippines

Address -: Karap-Agan Falls - Matalom, Leyte - Water Park ,Philippines

Mahayahay Falls, also locally known as Karap-agan falls, is a hidden beauty in Caridad Norte, Matalom Leyte that gives a refreshing feel of nature. Basically, "mahayahay" could mean "easy going" or "easy life". Mahayahay falls has 2 layers of water drops, you should get up close to the second level to fully experience it.
Located at Brgy. Mahayahay Matalom, Leyte. About 4 km ahead from Matalom proper. You will take a turn in barangay Caridad Norte where the “sabungan” (Matalom Sports Center) is located and take around 5-minute drive on a rocky road. You will need your own ride for this trip. The road to this hidden beauty wasn’t easy. You will drive through a rough and rocky road, trek along the river and over a tree, literally. It is challenging but not very hard. You just need to be careful and watch your step because it is slippery, as most things wet. Note that it is an isolated place so we brought our own food and drinks. It is important to wear comfortable clothes also to easily get around any obstacle. But everything will be worth it once you get to the falls. 

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