Kalama Falls ,Washington ,USA

Address -: Kalama Falls ,Cowlitz County, Washington ,USA

Kalama Falls occurs about 6 miles downstream from Big Kalama Springs, the source of the Kalama River, and plunges about 40 feet into a large pool. The falls lie on Weyerhaeuser land, and though public access is allowed, it appears the trailhead can no longer be driven to as indicated by signs saying motorized traffic is not allowed beyond the gate without authorization. Walking or biking the 1 3/4 miles from the gate to the trailhead should still be allowed.

From Cougar You have to drive up to Merrill Lake through US Hwy Forest Service Rd 81 ,you have to drive about 6.8 miles and From here you have to drive 5.3 mile more to reach the fall. Then park the vehicle on the left side of the road. Now You have to walk about a mile and a half. At this point you can here the falls loud and clear.Than walk through the woods to the beautiful Kalama Falls.

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