Jiulong Waterfalls ,Yunnan, China

Address -: Jiulong Waterfalls (Nine-Dragon Waterfalls) ,Luoping, Qujing, Yunnan, China

Jiulong Waterfalls thunderous Number 1 waterfall, the group’s highest, is 110 meters (360 ft.) wide and 56 meters (183 ft.) high. Subsequent falls, although not as high as the Number 1, vary from each other in height and width and all of them have their peculiar charm. Standing on the belvedere, one can take in the ten cascades at one sight.
The Nine Dragons Waterfalls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls, are located in Yidule Village, about 22 kilometers (14 miles) from the northeast of Luoping County, Qujing City. The whole waterfall scenic area, 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) long, looks like a silver dragon winding through the green mountains. The waterfalls are well-known for their grandeur and imposing appearance.
There is a legend about the name of the waterfalls. Once upon a time, Luoping was a vast ocean. Nine black dragons and a white dragon fought for a long time to occupy the ocean. The white dragon died first and eight of the black ones gradually settled down in different areas. The last black dragon behaved badly to harm the life of the local people, so the Wind and Rain Generals as well as Thunder Gods punished the dragon by chopping its habitat into three steeply phased pools. The highest one is Nine Dragons Waterfall today.

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