Igpasungaw Falls ,Antique Province, Philippines

Address -: Igpasungaw Falls ,Sebaste, Antique Province, Philippines

Igpasungaw Falls are located in Sebaste, Antique. It is just 3 kms. from the national highway, a 30 minute hike, at the bottom is a natural swimming pool, 8-10 m. in diameter and 2 m. deep. Igpasungaw Falls are considered as one of the major natural attraction in Sebaste.

Whether from Caticlan or Kalibo, you can ride a bus leading to San Jose de Buenavista and drop in the town proper of Sebaste, the municipality where the Igpasungaw Falls is situated.

You will take a 15-minute tricycle or motorcycle ride from the highway up to the location where trekking will start. Hiking will take 40 minutes to 1 hour before reaching the waterfalls. Fifty (50) Philippine Peso is being paid as the Environmental Fee per head. Moreover, Tour-guide fee is about 200 Pesos.

The place is worth a visit for nature lovers and thrill seekers. Igpasungaw Falls has a unique features. Be watchful for you might encounter a rare Amorphophallus Carnivorous Plant which is known as the Tallest Bloom Flower in the World.

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