Huldrefossen Waterfall ,Forde, Norway

Address -: Huldrefossen ,Forde, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway

Huldrefossen is a beautiful waterfall in the the Bødalen (Lovatnet) in the region Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.Huldrefossen perhaps the most well-known waterfall of the Sunnfjord region, an area which encompassed the dozens upon dozens of waterfalls in the so-called Waterfall Country of the Førde and Gaular municipalities.It is having two powerful tiers falling from height of 90m approx. That yielded enough spray to produce a rainbow in its mist refracting the evening sun further adding to its scenic allure. Since the falls is directly fed by the large lake Åsvatnet.

From Loen (near Stryn) it is a 13 km drive along Lovatnet until you reach the road that leads into the Bødalen. At the left side of the road road you will see an information board about the Bødalsetra and Kjenndalen. Here you have to ge left. Note: it is a toll road and a money machine is standing behind the board (40 nok). But the Bødalen with several waterfalls, like Huldrefossen, is beautiful.Not the whole road is new and some parts are still a dust road. After 3 kilometer there is a sharp bend in the road, here Huldrefossen can be seen at the right side of the road. After the corner there is a small parking.

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