Henfallet waterfall ,Tydal, Norway

Address -: Henfallet waterfall ,Tydal, Sor-Trondelag, Norway

The tallest waterfall in Sør-Trøndelag, around Tydal, Norway. It is around 90 meters tall and quite an impressive view to be honest. Although you should really make the effort to get down to near the waterfall rather than just watch it from the platform which is quite far from the waterfall.
Just a mile above (south of) the waterfall, Hena runs alongside Svartåa , which comes from Svartåsjøen , a small mountain lake at almost 700 meters altitude, surrounded by ants and mountain birch forest . After the confluence, the river begins to accelerate and the journey culminates in the water rolling down the edge
To Reach to the fall Drive to Ås in Tydal and continue on towards Stugudal . At Neabyen the exit to Henfall is the sign, and then just follow the forest road in about 8 km to the waterfall. When you notice the waterfall between the trees there is an approx. 30 meter long path down to a viewpoint on the slope down towards the rail.

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