Green Peak Falls ,Oregon ,USA

Address -: Green Peak Falls ,Monroe/Alsea ,Benton County, Oregon , USA

Green Peak Falls, on Benton County's Peak Creek, is in some ways a more impressive drop than its neighbor, Alsea Falls, one mile away. The two are connected by trails, but Green Peak Falls is in McBee Memorial Park, an area set aside for public enjoyment by the Hull-Oakes Timber Company. It's about half a mile from the McBee Park day-use area to the falls. The falls drop 45 feet and are more easily viewed, though less impressive, in the low water season.

There are two easy ways to reach this site. One, From Corvallis, take SR 34 west to the small berg of Alsea, and turn south at the signs for Alsea Falls. In one mile, turn left onto South Fork Road, and follow this route for 8 miles (some of which is gravel) to Hubert K. McBee Memorial Park. Turn into the campground, cross the Alsea River and park in the signed Green Peak Falls parking area. The second, from Junction City (just northwest of Eugene), follow SR 99W north to Monroe, and turn west onto Alpine Road (signed for Alsea Falls and the Benton County Tour Route), and follow the signs to Alsea Falls in about 13 miles, and continue another .6 miles beyond to the entrance to Hubert K. McBee Memorial Park. From the parking lot, the trail winds an easy 1/2 mile to the base of the falls.

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