Dambri waterfall ,Lam Dong ,Vietnam

Address  -: Dambri waterfall ,Bao Loc town, Lam Dong ,Vietnam

Dambri waterfall is located in the Northwest of Bao Loc town, Lam Dong province. Dambri waterfall is a famous destination for tourists and it is the highest waterfall in the province (57m). It is surface width is 30m. At the foot is a small bridge that spans the cliffs. Crossing the bridge, you will be immersed in a drizzling rain. Everything surroundings the waterfall is green in the year-round cool waters.
The climate around Dambri Waterfall is cool all year round. This is a huge waterfall in Lam Dong Province.
Dambri waterfall 18 kilometers away from the city of Bao Loc (Lam Dong) is a mighty waterfall of "Wait" (Dambri), roaring all day and night long. Bao Loc City is located 120 kilometers away from Da Lat City and 180 kilometer from Ho Chi Minh. To approach this city of interesting features, tourists have to spend a quite long routine among the clear blue sky and with clouds of a specific area of Central Highlands.
To reach the Dambri Waterfall, visitors will have to walk a long distance under the blue sky and white clouds and through the jungle of the Central Highlands. The waterfall is located in the campus of the Dambri resort with a total area of 1,000 ha.
From the entrance tourists can hear the sound of violently pouring water. Walking under the dense canopies, you begin the journey down to the foot of the waterfall. The road is covered by moss so you have to be careful to not slip. Through some bends, when your legs are tired and want to have a break, the waterfall appears behind water mist.
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