Curly Creek Falls, Washington ,USA

Address -: Curly Creek Falls, Gifford Pinchot National Forest ,Skamania County, Washington ,USA

Curly Creek Falls is located in Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Skamania county ,USA.This waterfall falls in two drops Height of tallest one is 49 feet and the total height of the waterfall is 86 feet. Width of the fall is 20 feet. 
Take Interstate 5 to the town of Woodland, and exit onto Highway 503 heading east. Follow 503 east to Cougar, and continue to Forrest Service Road # 90, just passed the Pine Creek Ranger Station. Follow FR 90 for 5 miles and turn left onto FSR #51 (watch for signs pointing to Curly Creek Falls). Follow Road 51 for one mile and turn left into the parking area for Curly Creek Falls. Follow the easy trail (stay right at the junction) to the viewpoint in under 500 feet.

Best time to visit -: Spring season

Location -: