Cascade Falls ,Alaska, USA

Address -: Cascade Falls ,Valdez-Cordova County, Alaska, USA

Cascade Falls is a powerful two-step fall which drops 171 feet into Eaglek Bay in the northern part of Prince William Sound. The upper tier of the falls is a steep cascading type drop, while the lower tier veils out broadly, plunging freely into the ocean at a nearly 90 degree pitch. The falls are only accessible via watercraft of some kind.
Cascade waterfall descends from a series of lakes fed by streams flowing from Eaglek Glacier, which caps the ridge above the anchorage. Eaglek Glacier, like all the apron or cirque glaciers in northern Prince William Sound, has been retreating steadily as warmer winter temperatures have raised the snowline, thus reducing the accumulation area. Lighter colored rock around the glacier shows areas of recent retreat.

If you don't mind getting wet, it is a lot of fun on a warm day to kayak or dingy into the waterfall's spray.

Waterfall trail: A well-defined and well-used trail leads from the edge of the gravel beach just S of the waterfall through the brush and woods and up along the edge of the waterfall and stream to the lake. There are some spectacular overlooks, but parents may wish to keep overly enthusiastic children close at hand as a fall would be fatal.

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