Buruwisan Falls ,Laguna ,Philippines

Address -: Buruwisan Falls ,Mt. Romelo, Siniloan, Laguna ,Philippines

Buruwisan Falls are located in Siniloan, Laguna. They are one of the five falls found in the Sierra Madre Mountain ranges, the accessibility to the site makes Buruwisan popular. The falls has a 50-meter drop. The area is abundant in green vegetation that adds to the beauty of the falls. It is really amazing and fascinating! You will surely be captivated by its beauty. The sound of the falling water will let you feel a sense of excitement. The area is very calm and peaceful.
A toilet is available in the town center where you can wash and clean up after a long trek on the mountain. Buruwisan Falls can be found in Mt. Romelo, also known as Famy, which is an ideal getaway for hiking. Horses are also available as a mode of transportation on the mounatin. They are for rent for about 300 pesos.
You may take a bus at Raymond Bus Line bound to Infanta, Quezon. This is the only bus line that passes right thru the jump-off of Mt. Romelo from Manila. Just tell the bus conductor that you'll be heading at Mt. Romelo and to drop you off at Trois Restaurant in Siniloan. Near Trois Restaurant is the jump off point to Mt. Romelo. By the way, Raymond Bus Line terminal is situated at Sampaloc, Manila. Fare going to Siniloan is about 130 pesos.

After you register and logged your names which costs us 50 pesos per head, your adventure to Mt. Romelo starts! Trail going to the peak starts with crossing a stream of river. From that moment, you should aware that your trek will be slippery and muddy at the same time.

Best time to visit -: Rainy season

Location -: