Boka waterfall ,Bovec, Slovenia

Address -: Boka waterfall ,Podklopca 3, 5230 Bovec, Slovenia, Europe

Boka is a waterfall in the western part of Slovenia, near the Soča River. It begins at a karst spring and has two stages, of which the first is 106 meters (348 ft) high and 18 meters (59 ft) wide, and the second is 33 meters (108 ft) high.
The Boka waterfall flow rate is highest in spring and autumn, reaching up to 100 m³/s, while it can drop to as little as 2 m³/s in summer.
The rectangular basin with the Boka source is situated at an altitude of 725 m.
The average water temperature is 4.5 ºC.
The Boka waterfall is clearly visible from the Bovec-Žaga road. A marked, steep mountain trail leads from the left side of the bridge to a beauty spot that can be reached in 40 min at a leisurely pace.
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