Baranof Warm Springs ,Alaska ,USA

Address -: Baranof Warm Springs ,Baranof Island ,Sitka ,Alaska ,USA

Baranof Warm Springs is located on the southern part of a 34-mile-long (55 km), 5-to-10-mile-wide (8.0 to 16.1 km) exposure of a biotite-quartz diorite batholith that crosses northern Baranof Island.
Baranof Warm Springs is a small, primarily seasonally-occupied community in Alaska, located on the eastern side of Baranof Island, from which it likely derives its name, in the Alexander Archipelago. It is occasionally referred to simply as Baranof. Baranof Warm Springs is located on Warm Springs Bay.
Located 20 miles east of Sitka on the east shore of Bararnof Island. A private hot springs bath is located on Warm Springs Bay (status unknown). Accessible by boat or floatplane. A Forest Service trail extends a half mile from the hot springs to Baranof Lake where a cabin is located. Cabin access is by floatplane. It is not possible to hike from the springs to the cabin.

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