Bagongbong Falls ,Almeria, Biliran ,Philippines

Address -: Bagongbong Falls ,Almeria, Biliran ,Philippines

Bagongbong Falls are located in Almeria, Biliran; 2-hour hike from Barangay Caucab. Bagongbong Falls are a 10 meter high waterfall amidst tropical forest; hear the chirping of the birds and the call of the Kalaw bird and see the playful monkeys perched on top of the trees. PNOC studies reveal 3.5 hydro-power megawatts potential source; cool and enchanting for bathing.
Biliran is one of the smallest provinces in The Philippines. It is not a well known travel destination and is most of the time mistaken as part of the province of Leyte. But you might be surprised that despite how insignificant Biliran may seem in the map, the splendid things it offers is pretty limitless. This province seems to have the answer to everything. From unspoiled islands and beaches, towering mountains, acres and acres of lush greens to topping
The barangay is about 10-15 minutes from Almeria or 20-25 minutes from Naval by 4-wheeled vehicles or motorcycles. From there, the waterfalls cam be reached by walk in about 45 minutes.

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