Anachadikuth Waterfalls ,Kerala ,India

Address -: Anachadikuth Waterfalls ,Thodupuzha Road, Thommankuthu, Idukki District ,Kerala ,India

The Gods Own Country is covered with natural waterfall and one of the not so explored named, Anayadikuthu Falls is a 22 km trek from Thodupuzha in the district of Idukki. It is a place to be loved by the devotees and tourists.
This beautiful waterfall is located close to thommankuthu in Idukki district. You can reach here either through Thodupuzha-Karimannoor-Thomankuthu route. When you reach the Thommankuthu post office junction, turn left and move on for another 100m and then turn right to the Convent road. Move along the opposite road to the Sisters’ Convent. The road here is narrow and only one vehicle can move at a time. Soon you will see a two-storey house. This is the landmark for you. Just a few steps way turn left to walk along a narrow path and walk for a 100m. Then turn right and soon you will reach a huge rock. The waterfall lies beyond this rock. Those who visit Thommankuthu waterfall must take time to visit Anayadikuthu fall too. This is a scenic waterfall which is present only during rainfall.

Best time to visit -: Monsoons
Time for entry -: No specific time you can visit any time of the day (This is in the remote area)

Location -: