Alto Waterfall ,Bayaguana ,Dominican Republic

Address -: Alto Waterfall ,Bayaguana ,Monte Plata ,Southeast ,Dominican Republic

Salto Alto is an attractive natural pool surrounded by unspoiled nature, and owes its name to its three high waterfalls that fall from more than 10 meters above its waters.
This Majestic place is located in Bayaguana, belongs to the Monte Plata Province, although it is hidden in an unimaginable place, it is easy to access, you can see three falls one stronger than the other, and the river is shallow, fresh, clean and comforting.
This place is reached from the Bayaguana exit towards Rio Comate, approximately 2.5 km from this river.
Given the state of the road, access to the spa is somewhat complicated for regular vehicles, and it is recommended to travel in a 4 × 4 vehicle.
However, the route is a very well rewarded sacrifice, since when you arrive you will have the impression of seeing a postcard of a tropical paradise.
The place is protected by the authorities of Bayaguana. For the safety of visitors and the conservation of the spa, visitors who want to access it will have to pay an entrance fee of RD $ 100 per person.
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