Aberdeen Waterfall ,Nuwara ,Sri Lanka

Address -: Aberdeen Waterfall ,Nuwara  ,Eliya district ,Sri Lanka

Aberdeen waterfall is 98 meters (322 ft) high and is a beautiful waterfall.It is located in Nuwara Eliya district of Sri Lanka.The Aberdeen falls begins with the Kehelgamu Oya, a tributary of the Kelani river.The waterfall consists of seven small waterfalls.When going down the river,these little waterfalls meet.The waterfall is much more spectacular in water than during periods of low water.

From Ginigathena town, proceed along Ambatale Road up to the Buddha statue at the end. Then park your vehicles and walk about 1.2 km along the little bit worse road. Keep in mind that viper, snakes are in this nature. Do not bathe at the middle of the pool and do not swim to the middle, because it is very common of deaths. This waterfall is very beautiful and it is covered with a big stone complex behind. The waterfall is ranked as the 18th highest on the Island.

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