Waterfall Majestic,Costa Rica ,Mato Grosso do Sul ,Brazil

The zipline circuit makes the visit to the municipal park even more unforgettable. One of the roads with a drop of 70 meters ends in a pool bath (Dragonfly Tyrolean), another 230 meters (Tyrolean Tyrolean) and another 400 meters (Swallow Tyrolean) that gives the tourist a wonderful view of the Majestic Salto. Such activity allows the practitioner the emotion of flying through valleys contemplating the most beautiful landscapes.
With an area of ​​57 hectares and vegetation typical of the cerrado, the Salto do Sucuriú Municipal Nature Park, just distant from Costa Rica, a municipality located in the east of Mato Grosso do Sul, has parking area for vehicles, infrastructure with cafeteria, restrooms, sand for volleyball and soccer practice, kiosks near the natural pool, gazebos where you can glimpse beautiful waterfalls.

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