Waterfall Bluff,Cathedral Rock, South Africa

Address -: Waterfall Bluff,Cathedral Rock,Eastern Cape, South Africa

Waterfall Bluff is an area of steep cliffs in Eastern CapeSouth Africa, near Cathedral Rock.There are many waterfalls in the area which run directly into the Indian Ocean.
The Transkei coastline boasts some incredible waterfalls, but Waterfall Bluff, as it is commonly named, is just a breath taking waterfall and a must see when visit.Waterfall Bluff can be accessed either as a hike, leaving Luphuthana and heading south until the hike leads into Waterfall Bluff, or via the ocean on board from a launch through the surf at Port St John’s. 
Hikers enjoy sitting underneath the ledge at Waterfall Bluff and for the adventurous, getting closer to the actual fall, sitting on the ledge and getting a good spray, is the ultimate.
If you choose to hike to the waterfall, it is an easy hike and will take approximately 40 minutes one way, that is if you do not stop to enjoy the stunning scenery along the way.  You will need to negotiate the river before Drifters Camp before the hike begins. Make sure that you know the tides.

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