Vazra Sakla Waterfalls, Chorla Ghat Goa, Panjim, India

The Vazra Sakla waterfalls are on the Goa-Karnataka-Maharashtra border in the Chorla Ghats region and are part of the Swapnagandha valley. The height of the waterfalls is 143 meters and the forests they support and sustain are home to a diversity of flora and fauna, some of which is endemic to the region. The entire region of which the Chorla Ghats is a part is called the Mhadei Bio region.The waters
of these twin falls join the Valvanti River in Virdi village in Maharashtra. The rock faces and cliffs that surround Vazra Falls are also home and nesting grounds of the Long Billed Vulture, an endangered species in Asia.
Tiny streams gurgling down the steep slopes gather their own following, with bathers eager to bring temperatures down. The pure mountain air exhilarates the spirit as the breathtaking view connects man to nature. When one almost reaches the summit, an amazing spectacle happening across a valley forces you to stop dead in your drive and enjoy the mountain’s version of the Milky Way right in front of you! These are the Vazra Sakla Falls that flows in twin formation from the heights of the Sahyadris. As one tries to steal a glance at the Vazra Sakla, she covers herself with a silky veil of mist as a shy bride would and like a mischievous groom, the wind constantly tries to lift the veil and steal a glance at her virgin blush…! Unfortunately, these twins can be enjoyed only from a distance and leave the hazardous trek to seasoned adventurers.

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