Tunnel Falls, Cascade Locks ,Oregon 97014, USA

Tunnel Falls is a unique tunnel behind a beautiful waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge. Pass several other waterfalls while you hike through lush forests a trail built into the cliffside.
Tunnel Falls is the traditional turnaround spot for many on the Eagle Creek Trail, and it is indeed a splendid climax. Over the last thousand years, the falls have carved a majestic basin here, plunging 160 feet from towering basalt cliffs to the rushing creek-bed below. While this scene is impressive enough, the most bewildering aspect of the falls in the passageway behind them.

This hike begins at the Eagle Creek Trailhead. This is the same trailhead that goes to popular Punchbowl Falls. The trail to reach Tunnel Falls is 12 miles roundtrip on an out and back trail. If you continue another 0.5 miles on the trail after Tunnel Falls you will reach Twister Falls. The hike takes you past several other waterfalls on the way to Tunnel Falls including: Punchbowl Falls, Metlako Falls, Loowit Falls, and Skoonichuck Falls. The hike also goes along a cliff and is literally built into the side of the cliff at some points. There is a railing to hold onto for peace of mind.
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