Toron Falls,Gran Sabana ,State Bolivar ,Venezuela

Address -: Toron Falls or Salto Toron , Canaima National Park ,Gran Sabana  ,State Bolivar ,Venezuela 
Salto Torón (also written Salto Torón Merú ) is a waterfall or waterfall in the form of a staircase in the eastern sector of the protected area known as Canaima National Park , which is administratively part of the Gran Sabana Municipality of the State Bolívar , part of the South American country of Venezuela . 
One of the biggest attractions of "La Gran Sabana" (the eastern sector of Canaima National Park, in Venezuela) is the "Torón" waterfall. Torón Merú (jump bird in native language) is a drop of crystal clear water, from the river "Aponwoao" and approximately 75mts high, which falls steeply in a staggered way to form a shallow well, but in which it is a delight to bathe .Its waters are tributaries of the Aponwao River. It is accessible by land and is on the route to Kavanayen.
The path to the Toron has a relatively high difficulty, it is necessary to have 4x4 vehicles to cover the route.
Taking the detour to Kavanayén located on the road that goes from the Jaspe to Santa Elena de Uairén , we go until kilometer 23 of the route to Kavanayén, where there is a detour sign. From this stage only 4x4 vehicles can transit due to the terrain conditions, the route covers 17 kilometers in which two rivers and several swamps must cross, until reaching the jump.
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