Tatsuzawa Fudo Falls, Fukushima, Japan

The dynamic waterfall with a 10m (32.8feet) fall and 16 m (52.5 feet) width is called "Odaki" (means manly falls) and on the west side of it is called "Medaki" (means feminine) stands quietly and elegantly. Theses two waterfalls make a great contrast to each other.
Characteristic of the area is Tatsuzawa Fudo no Taki waterfall. The water from Mt. Funamyojin of the Adatara mountain range flows in the Fudo-gawa River and from there in the waterfall, which has also been a place of worship for the Buddhist divine entity Fudoson. Particularly beautiful when the foliage is fresh but also in autumn colors, the twin cascades – the majestic “male” Odaki and the graceful “female” Medaki – display a marked contrast.
You can reach here by 40min bus ride into Tatsuzawa direction from JR Inawashiro Station (JR Ban'etsu West Line) until the last stop (40min walk)
Address: Kogai Kotatsusawa, Inawashiro-machi, Yama-gun, 969-2752 Fukushima.

Given its nuclear disaster and not-so-popular travel destinations, choosing Fukushima Prefecture can make travelers irresolute of their itinerary. Nevertheless, the untouched natural beauty of the places around Fukushima is more than a visual treat for visitors. 

Best time to visit -: Autumn

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