Sucupira Waterfall, Uberlandia ,Brazil

Address -: Sucupira Waterfall ,Rio Uberabinha , Uberlandia, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil

The Sucupira Waterfall is of 15 m height. and with a wall of 25 to 30 m. width. Its waters are clear and without pollution, serving as tourist point and place of leisure for the population of Uberlândia. In its margins there are forests of natural forest, with numerous species of fauna and flora of the cerrado. On its left bank there is a natural beach of rocks and gravels where the public has access to the waterfall, and picnic. Still on the left bank of the river, about 300 meters below the waterfall, there is a kiosk, originally built to be a restaurant for the employees who worked on the construction of the Sucupira Water Treatment Station, which today functions as a bar on weekends and holiday.
There are two ways to get to the waterfall being that one of them is on the BR-050 exit for Uberaba. Those arriving by car from the center of Uberlândia should go through the Ring Road South, walk for 5 km until the roundabout and return towards Uberlândia for 2km and 700 meters until a dirt road. From there you travel for another 5 kilometers until you reach the waterfall. (The road was in good repair.)
Arriving at the location the vehicle is at the side of the road and people have to walk down a trail until you reach the waterfall.
The second option is for BR-365 direction to Professor João Pimenta da Veiga Penitentiary and also "Renato Freitas" Water Treatment Station (but a good part of the road is very bad) for 16 kilometers. Already on the BR-452 direction Araxá one enters a dirt road in front of Monsanto.

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