Steady Brook Falls ,Steady Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Steady Brook Falls is one of the Humber Valley's most amazing natural attractions. From Marble Mountain Resort, it's just a short (but steep!) 1km hike along a forested trail. Once at the summit, you'll find a 3-tier viewing platform from which to get a bird's-eye view of the Falls as they plunge more than 100 feet. For the most spectacular experience, head up during snow melt or after a rainstorm. And most importantly, don't forget your camera.
Steady Brook is home to the Marble Mountain Ski Resort. They also have zip lines on the mountain which run year round. If you take the road in behind the Horton's, there is a parking area. From here you can walk up a trail to the spectacular Steady Brook Falls.
From the parking area it's all uphill to the falls. You walk up a narrow gravel road that the zip line atv's and vans use. The trail starts at a wooden ramp (pictured above). It's a good trail with stairs on the steepest parts. You arrive at a large viewing platform with a great view of the falls. You can hike further up the mountain to the zip line platforms, which also give you some nice views.
It's quite a striking spot. The zip lines crossing the gorge don't take away from the setting. You'll have fun watching the adventurous crossing high above the falls.

Best time to visit -: After Rain

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