Sisters waterfall ,Araguari ,Brazil

Address -: Sisters waterfall ,Araguari ,Minas Gerais, Brazil

Sisters waterfall is also known as Cachoeira das Freiras. The Cachoeiras das Irmãs is only 36 km from Uberlândia - MG, in the surroundings of the city are found dozens of waterfalls. Its waters are formed by the Ribeirao Bom Jardim and its fall is of 42 meters of height. The volume of water is such that it forms a spray when the water reaches the potion. Cachoeira das Freiras is easy to reach, if you want quiet, avoid visiting it on holidays and weekends in the heat.This waterfall is beautiful and it is worth visiting the waterfall during normal days.If the sky is open, in the last hours of the day the smoke created by the waterfall creates a beautiful rainbow.
It is located on the property of the Francisco Savério Pestanha Institute. From Araguari you should follow the Pissarrão road. After the bridge over the Ribeirao do Pissarão is the Institute. The waterfall is at the back of the Institute's farm, where there is also the Convent of Freiras de Araguari.

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