Siri Waterfall ,Gaua ,Northern Vanuatu ,South Pacific ocean ,Near Australia

Siri Waterfall, formerly called Santa Maria Waterfall, is a 120 metre high waterfall located about 3 km inland from the eastern coast of the island of Gaua in northern Vanuatu.
The supply of water to the waterfall is from Lake Letas. This lake is a large freshwater lake located in the crater at the centre of the volcanic island, about 600 meters above sea level. Water flows from the lake 3 km east to the top of Siri Waterfall. After the waterfall, the water flows as a large stream, called Mbe Solomul River (formerly Namang), for another 3 km before it reaches the sea. The large stream is known as "Big Water".
The island of Maewo east of Espiritu Santo has the highest rainfall in Vanuatu at 2500+ mm per year. The island is covered in green, lush vegetation as a result and enjoys abundant fresh water and waterfalls. The largest of these waterfalls is a series of cascades located near the airport on the north end of the Island near the village of Naone. This series of cascades is commonly referred to as Big Wota and is possibly the largest display in the archipelago.
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