Silver Waterfall,Br ,Juscimeira, Mato Grosso, Brazil

Cachoeira da Prata (Silver Waterfall) is a Brazilian municipality in the state of Minas Gerais.
The main waterfall is in the Center, but there is also a waterfall above and that is beautiful, crossing the place that has a steel cable for the less brave, there's a small waterfall excellent for bathing and pictures.
Cachoeira do Macacos was the first name of this city, for being on the banks of the Ribeirao dos Macacos. Around 1886, with the founding of Têxtil Cachoeira do Macacos by João da Mata Teixeira, Jerônimo Francisco França and other small shareholders, the town emerged and grew up around the small industry. Over the years, the town grew due to the industry and one of its most illustrious children: "Dr. Geraldo" - charismatic figure and beloved for its history in the city. "The story goes that when a girl got pregnant in the village, the girl's father came to take an opinion with Dr. Geraldo." Like this, many others exist and marked the name of Geraldo Pereira da Rocha in the history of the municipality, who had nothing of Doctor since he was Bachelor of Law when he was brought by Cel. Américo Teixeira Guimarães (son of João da Mata Teixeira - Cap. João da Mata) to assume the Management of the Company, for the years of 1940. On December 30, 1962, the municipality emancipated itself from Inhaúma. On March 1, 1963 the municipality is installed and on December 17, 1975, with a territorial area of ​​61 km² had its denomination changed to Cachoeira da Prata.

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