Senhiro Waterfall ,Hara,Yakushima ,Kumage,Kagoshima,Japan

Address -: Senhiro Waterfall ,Hara, Yakushima ,Kumage, Kagoshima Prefecture ,Japan
Senpiro-no-taki Waterfall is located near Hara Village, about 40 minutes by car from the airport. You will need to take a narrow one-lane mountain road from Hara Village to get to the observation deck over looking the waterfall. You can see a great amount of water flowing through a V-shaped granite gorge cascading down a 60-meter cliff. The name “Senpiro” comes from an old Japanese standard for measurement. One-hiro means one arm reach and sen-piro means one thousand arm reaches.
 The impression made by a smooth cascade of water over a fall into a V-shaped granite valley is both tranquil and stunning. Yakushima is literally a clump of rising granite. You'll immediately understand what makes rivers in Yakushima so dangerous. Unfortunately, you cannot go close to the waterfall for that reason. If you're lucky, a bit of rain and sunlight will produce a rainbow in the mist at the bottom of the fall. 
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