Schwarzenbach Falls,Baffin Island ,Nunavut,Canada

Address -: Schwarzenbach Falls, Southern part of Baffin Island ,Nunavut, Canada

The otherwordly beauty of Auyuittuq National Park would not be complete without Schwarzenbach Falls - northernmost large waterfall of the world, approximately 520 m tall.
Schwarzenbach Falls are falling over a ledge of Precambrian granites and granite gneiss. Waterfall starts with very impressive, approximately 200 m tall vertical drop. Afterwards it continues with a myriad of smaller drops, mostly sliding down along steep cliffs.
This waterfall has formed in hanging valley (Qijuttaaqanngittuq valley), which was formed by a glacier which here joined another, much larger glacier which was flowing through Pangnirtung Pass.
Most of these glaciers have melted away, opening a dramatic mountain scenery. Now Pangnirtung Pass is approximately 1.5 km wide and... 1.5 km deep, with giant cliffs towering above it. This area provides some of the most dramatic landscapes in Arctic region with such amazing landmarks as the Mount Thor (some 10 km east from Schwarzenbach Falls) - cliff which has 1250 m high vertical, even overhanging drop. Most likely this is the world's tallest vertical cliff. Further east is located the fantastic Mount Asgard which rather belongs into fantasy film.
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