Santa Barbara Waterfall, Cavalcante, Goias, Brazil

Address -: Santa Barbara Waterfall ,Vila Kalunga Engenho II, Cavalcante, Goias, Brazil

Rei do Prata Waterfall -  60 km from Cavalcante (Rio de Prata) by dirt road + 5 hours of hiking (round trip).
One of the best places in Chapada dos Veadeiros. To get there you need to take about 60km on dirt road from Cavalcante. Arriving there are about 7km one way and another 7km back on the trail. Access is not that easy, but it's really worth it. The emerald green water is a spectacle.
Cavalcante is the - still - forgotten side of the Chapada dos Veadeiros, although it has more than half its Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park in its territory and has so many attractions - or more - that the municipality of Alto Paraiso de Goi├ís, the most visited city of region. The reasons for this oblivion are diverse, among them the lack of an entrance of the park in its territory and the lack of publicity, this certainly caused by the negligence of the authorities with the tourism. Other factors that distract the tourist is the deficiency of the hotel and gastronomic structure and, above all, the bad conditions of the roads. Despite these "defects", Cavalcante is a true ecological paradise. The municipality has attractions of rare beauty, with absolute prominence for the rivers of clear and crystalline waters and the waterfalls located in paradisiacal places.

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