San Isidro fall, Sao Jose do Barreiro ,Sao Paulo, Brazil

Adderss -: San Isidro fall, Sao Jose do Barreiro ,Sao Paulo, Brazil
The arrival is made by the top of the waterfall, which requires attention in the descent to the well - the look is beautiful, a drop of approximately 50 meters in height, an excellent place for bathing.
The Cachoeira de Santo Izidro, in São José do Barreiro , is one of the fifteen candidates for 7 Wonders of the Paraíba Valley and region.
To reach the destination, visitors should walk 1.5 kilometers from the city center, and the drive will take you to the entrance of the Serra da Bocaina park where nature is the main attraction.
Without the passage of cars, the rest is done on foot, but the walk is quiet, from beaten ground, until you reach the spring of crystal clear water. Ahead is the Santo Isidro waterfall.
São José do Barreiro is a city .It was founded in 1820 by drovers from Minas Gerais that carried gold up to the ports of Mambucaba and Paraty, and they were mired in the place due to the times of flood. That way, they would rest there until the water came down.
The city developed later as an important place in the coffee industry of São Paulo, leaving today large mansions of the time for tourists to visit.
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