Salto Para or For falls ,Sucre ,Bolivar, Venezuela

El Salto Pará (For waterfall) is the second largest waterfall in the world (by total width) and the largest in America, with a width of 5,608 m and in which it divides and descends into seven immense torrents. This jump is located via Caicara del Orinoco, Bolívar State, near the Maripa population known as the Caura Basin, Venezuela
Waterfall jumps lined horseshoe shaped about 60 m in height poured thunderously tonnes water, among green islands of trees, raising a dense fog, into a canyon of 7 km long with countless waterfalls and rapids. Below the waters subside the river widens forming a huge sandbar, called El Playon.
The Salto Pará, or Kuyuwishodü, as it is known by the natives of the area, is a geographical feature that abruptly breaks the course of the Caura River, establishing the division between the low and the high Caura.
Its name in Indian dialect means bat. It is located on the right bank and 46 kilometers from the mouth of the Caura, a river full of magic, and glorious potential. The missionaries arrived in the nineteenth century, later settled Creoles and foreigners to know the great natural potential for exploitation of tonka beans, rubber, balata and timber resources that were in high demand internationally.
There are options for tours or adventure tourism tours, from the nearest camp, called El Playón, to the jump sector, transiting a path through the jungle.
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