Sakaika fall, Parque Nacional Canaima ,Bolivar,Venezuela

Address -: Sakaika waterfall or Salto Sakaika ,Kamoiran River ,Parque Nacional Canaima, Bolivar state ,Venezuela
Salto Sakaika (also written Salto Sakaika Merú, or in Pemón: Sakaika Merú which means in Spanish: Salto Martín Pescador) is the name of a waterfall or waterfall located on the Kamoirán River in the Eastern sector of the protected area known as Parque National Canaima in the southwest of the South American country of Venezuela. 
Access is by land, but under certain conditions of restriction and with permission from the park authorities. 
It is a waterfall of approximately 30 meters high, which is surrounded by vegetation, rocks and descends into a deep well,  where it is possible to swim.

You can reach In the eastern sector of Canaima National Park, and taking the detour to the North at Km 180 of Troncal 10 in the Gran Sabana, is the Sakaika Spa and Salto. Sakaika in the native language, pemón, means Martín Pescador. The road is mainly made up of sand and in the rainy season lodazales are formed that can only be crossed with 4x4 vehicles. 

The jump consists of two waterfalls, the first of about 30m wide and 5 high and the second stage by a large drop of 30m high surrounded by large rocks and trees and that flows into a pool in which you can Take a refreshing swim under the waters of the Kamoirán River.

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Location -: This unnamed road point you have to reach for fall.

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