Palito Waterfall ,Espirito Santo ,Brazil

Address -: Palito Waterfall ,Santa Leopoldina ,Espirito Santo,Brazil

This waterfall is located in a reserved place, consisting of a unique beauty. The 70-meter abseiling is all done within the watercourse, ensuring a distinctively different and refreshing experience.waterfall can read for a refreshing swim and its surroundings is surrounded by a forest. Access to the waterfall is done by means of a trail of approximately 30 minutes following the course of the river.

Pedal long, and little heavy, destined to the Palito Waterfall in Sta Leopoldina.

Good pace to Barra do Mangaraí, with a stretch of asphalt. After a bit of asphalt and a quick bath in the beautiful Rio do Meio Waterfall. Then we climbed a little further to the Citoito do Palito, inaccessible by pedaling. Long descent pushing the bike.

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