Munra Falls, Multnomah County, Oregon ,USA

Munra Falls is really just a side attraction to the much more interesting Wahclella Falls. As a benefit, though, Munra Falls is VERY easy to visit. You could skip Wahclella Falls if you wanted, and you’d cut your hiking time down…but the hike isn’t bad, and seeing these two waterfalls simultaneously is a good perk.
You’ll have a pretty hard time missing Munra Falls. As you’re hiking along the trail to Wahclella Falls, a bridge passes right over the lower portion of the falls.
In the winter and spring, a solid stream of water sheets down a smooth face of rock, however in the late summer, its reduced to a thin braid. The falls are only an arm's length from the bridge, you can reach out and touch the falling water. Now are you interested? Thought so. Because the falls are located so close to the trail, they have a very intimate feel, however, they are also damn near impossible to photograph well. Most estimates at the falls height suggest it drops about 35 feet.Some says its 68 feet. which speaks very loudly to the degree of foreshortening leveled on the viewer gazing at the falls. Kids seem to love this one regardless of its size, but it's really a consolation prize, considering Wahclella Falls lies 15 minutes up the trail.

Best time to visit-: Spring ,Winter

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