Kiubo Fall,Musabira,Katanga,Democratic Republic of Congo

Address -: Kiubo Falls ,Lufira River ,Musabira ,Katanga ,Democratic Republic of the Congo
The Democratic Republic of the Congo is quite renowned for its amazingly untouched landscape that is very raw and a prime example of nature at its finest. 
The DRC is home to many beautiful waterfalls, including the Kiubo Falls. The falls which are still very much a hidden gem, are located in Katanga province. Standing at about 60 metres high and 90 metres wide, the falls are a powerful example of mother nature's force. The water tumbles over sandstone into the Lufira River. The falls are surrounded by beautiful forest that has largely been untouched and very well preserved. 
Kiubo is situated 300 km north of Lubumbashi by road and 225 km by air in the Mitwaba Territory. From Lubumbashi -Likasi- Luambo- Bunkeya - Kiubo - Mitwaba - Manono. The road is tarred for 120 km after which the road becomes a gravel road, dry from May till October then rainy season. You need a 4x4 and will take you 6 to 8 hrs by road from Lubumbashi. Depending on the type of aircraft you use a flight to Kiubo should take about 45 min to 1 Hr. The Upemba reserve (over 800 000Ha) is about 60 km from Kiubo Falls Lodge. The altitude at Kiubo is at 900m and the reserve -High plateau is at 1800m. 

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