Kawi fall,Gran Sabana,Canaima National Park,Venezuela

Address -: Kawi Waterfall or Salto Kawi ,Gran Sabana ,Canaima National Park ,Venezuela

El Salto Kawi (Kawi Meru) is a waterfall located at kilometer 198 of the road between El Dorado to Santa Elena de Uairen , in the eastern part of Canaima National Park in Venezuela .
Composed by an immense slab of jasper that covers three neighboring waterfalls, very close to the camping area, it represents a beautiful spectacle and a strategic location to camp in relative proximity to other important points of interest in the Gran Sabana .
A narrow and steep path of earth and stones leads to the main jump, about 9 meters high that falls into a lake of average depth of 8 to 10 meters. The jump is stepped type and the average temperature is 10 to 12 degrees. Walking upstream, at about 200 meters there is another jump of almost two meters high, next to the jump it is possible to reach a third, about 100 meters upstream similar to this described.

You must take the El Dorado road with Santa Elena de Uairén, at kilometer 198 you will find the Kawi.

It should be noted that the camping area is well located due to its proximity to other sites of tourist interest in the Gran Sabana.
In the Kawi Falls abound puri-puri -species of mosquito-, it is advisable to dilute some vitamin B capsules in moisturizing cream and apply it in the body, since these insects are not usually affected by the use of repellents.

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