Kama Meru,Gran Sabana ,Bolivar,Venezuela

Address -:  Kama Meru ,Canaima National Park , Gran Sabana ,Bolívar state ,Venezuela
El Salto Kamá (also called Kama Meru ) is a waterfall or waterfall located in the eastern sector of Canaima National Park . Administratively it forms part of the Gran Sabana municipality , of the Bolívar state Venezuela ). It is located in the basin of the Caroní River , one of the most important in Venezuelan Guayana , receiving the waters of the Aponwao River.This spectacular waterfall is located at kilometer 201 of the Core 10 (Carretera El Dorado-Santa Elena de Uairen) located next to the main road & is about 50 meters high which is divided into several falls and is one of the favorite places to camp.
It is possible to pass behind the jump by a canoe that is rented to the Pemon Indians. At night, if there are clear skies, enjoy a spectacular view of the starry sky. You can also buy handicrafts typical of the Gran Sabana.

The waterfall is located at kilometer 201 of Troncal 10 (Carretera El Dorado-Santa Elena de Uairén). Starting from Santa Elena de Uairén, the route covers approximately 114 kilometers, that is, an hour and a half. (1h 30min). To start the journey you must head southwest on Bolívar Street towards Santa Elena Street where you have to take Troncal Sur 10 and continue on Carretera 10, at kilometer 201 on the left you will find the jump.
Thing to take care for camping -:
The access path to the jump is simple. A 4x4 vehicle is not necessary.
Bring repellents and mosquito nets
Carrying tents
Stock up on gas in the Kamoirán Rapids , as it is the nearest service station.
Wear warm clothing during the holiday season.

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