Kaluwas Falls, Blue River, Deschutes County, Oregon ,USA

Kaluwas Falls is located on Blue River in Deschutes County, Oregon ,USA.
This is the tallest and most impressive in the area.
There are at least nine waterfalls in the area around Kaluwas Falls. Prior to 2005, the USGS had only recognized one by name, now only two are officially named. Some of the other falls are as significant as this is, but Kaluwas Falls, standing 223 feet tall, is the tallest and most impressive in the area. Skipping down the apex of a large amphitheater cut in a basalt plateau, Whychus Creek creates one of the better waterfalls in Oregon. Like The Cascades downstream, the comparatively small volume of Whychus Creek at this location was a bit of a disappointment, but the falls were taller than suspected and the surrounding landscape is exceptionally scenic - well worth the hike alone. Approaching the falls from downstream, the top of the drop is visible over the trees from a good ¼ mile off, which builds nicely the anticipation - especially for those who have never seen the falls. Whychus Creek is fed by small glaciers on Broken Top, so the falls retain good flow all year, but the falls will definitely be most impressive June to mid July.

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