Kae waterfall or Salto kae ,Arabopo ,Bolivar, Venezuela

One of the best virtues of this land is undoubtedly the Gran Sabana, whenever you visit it shows you new places and for some who already know it the places are equal to the previous visit. Almost touching the border with our neighbors in Brazil, there is a waterfall that, more than an eco tourist tour, is a real adventure for all those who dare to venture into these lands.
A large formation of Jasper rock, with almost 90 degrees of inclination, causes the waters of the ArabopĆ³ river to be expelled in a free fall of about 35 meters high, which is concentrated for a few seconds in a large lagoon darkened by the color of the rock. The jump, in its upper part, is protected on its left bank by a great mountain that guides it for a couple of kilometers until its imminent fall, and if one manages to climb it, it becomes a witness of the earthly paradise, reaching to see the Brazilian lands of the Roraima state.
Kae Meru is its indigenous name, but in the 4 × 4 world we know it as Salto K. It is located southeast of the Canaima National Park and to get there you need a 4 × 4 vehicle highly prepared for such a feat, very well trained driving skills and nerves  of steel. 
It is a trophy that many have tried to achieve, but only a few have managed to win.
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