INUKAI fall ,Kirishima City ,Japan

Address -: INUKAI fall ,Kirishima City ,Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan

Hondana Falls (Inukai-no-taki ) is waterfall in Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. It drop from height 36 m and the width of the fall is 21.8 m .
Inukai taki is the top stream of Omori Gawa and the head stream of Krishima mountain. It flows to the Kagoshima Bay.This is also a well-known ‘Ryoma Honeymoon Route’ that Sakamoto Ryoma and his wife visited here during their honeymoon trip.
Taking slow in the nature and with the fall, it makes you forget the time and your heart seems to be occupied by the sound of taki. Walking around 300 meters by the promenade, you can see the basin of waterfall.
You can go to Kagoshima Airport from Kirishima Onsen on the way. You can ask from local person they tell you  "It's about 5 minutes on foot ~", but it is probably about 10 minutes because there were places where the road was steep or there are no stairs and go down down slowly. The big rock is rustling and it is impressive full of force so that it can go to the falls basin. You will feel like you will not get tired even if you watch it all the time. You see there is a record that Ryoma Sakamoto was fishing here, so you can slightly move by seeing the same waterfall. However! There is no toilet! on the way and it is a little pinch.

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